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TPG Dealer Code Capture NWRTWT v2
TPG Dealer Code Capture NWRTWT v2
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  • The Watertower entered into a special arrangement with TPG well ahead of NBN (which is still not available at the Watertower).

  • TPG’s fibre to the building (FTTB) is equivalent or better that NBN in terms of speed and reliability. 

  • For agreeing to this arrangement the Watertower building (Owners Corporation) receives a dealer cut for each account set up.

  • The plan cost for signing up under the Watertower Dealer is the same for customers signing up directly. 

  • Here are the instructions….

  1. Go online to TPG to sign up to their FTTB service at this link:

  2. During the online registration process enter the Watertower’s DEALER CODE NWRTWT (refer to attached screen shot). 

(Note: do not sign up to TPG over the phone as the Watertower will not qualify for the dealer cut.)

  • TPG technicians have the standard key to access the MDF telecoms room on the ground floor (opposite the lift).  However you will need to arrange building access on the day when your TPG technician arrives.