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Parcel Delivey





Parcels are not to be left unattended in and around the entrance and lobby of the Watertower.

Instead permanent residents must use the Groundfloor parcel management system which provides a contactless delivery-to-collection process for couriers and Watertower residents. This facilitates secure/out of sight delivery of parcels into a locker box located near the front entrance.

Authenticated couriers are required to use this new facility instead of contacting residents via the intercom to gain access to the lobby. They will deliver into these externally located parcel locker boxes and a phone text with a QR / PIN code will be automatically sent to the resident notifying delivery. The code is used to open the locker box for collection of the parcel.

(Refer to easy to read user notes).

Access to  the system requires registration of each permanent Watertower resident and each courier. As a default permanent residents' details are registered by the Secretary (for existing and new permanent residents) by recording their unit number, name, mobile number and email address in the system.  If any permanent resident does not or will not have parcels delivered to the building and therefore does not require access to the Groundfloor system, then they can opt out and choose not to be registered by writing to

Refer to the easy to read user notes as well as a users guide and Groundfloor's privacy policy.


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