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Watertower Gym and Sauna  


These facilities are available free to residents permanently residing in the Watertower who have arranged for a client account.


A client account and an associated FOB access authorisation can be requested from the secretary via email

Bookings for the Gym/Sauna must be made via the online booking system for 1 hour sessions.  Users may use the gym or the sauna or a combination of both in each 1 hour session.


Out of respect for other residents wanting to book, please observe the following rules:

(This is particularly relevant for popular times: early mornings; lunch times; early evenings 5-6-7 pm)

  1. Do not book consecutive slots (i.e. one hour maximum time allowed).

  2. Do not book consecutive days at the same time slot.

  3. Always cancel if not using the time slot (sms reminders are sent 2 days and 2 hours ahead of the booking time).

The gym is fitted out with equipment leased from Life Fitness.  Life Fitness is responsible for maintaining the equipment in good working order.


The sauna is accessible via the gym room


Access the gym/sauna using your client identified and activated building security FOB.


Do’s and Don’ts

Some of these are covered by the list of conditions of entry/exit to the gym below.  However, as a number of people have put considerable effort into getting this up and running, it’s particularly important to note the following points in the spirit of maintaining and contributing to harmony and fairness:

  • The Watertower gym/sauna is STRICTLY FOR PERMANENT RESIDENTS USE ONLY and cannot be used by friends, relatives, short term stays and guests visiting or staying with you.

  • Travel quietly when going to the gym as 4 units have bedrooms that back onto the walkway. So please be respectful by walking to and from the gym quietly.

  • Keep the external walkway door  closed when using the gym.

  • Carefully allow the soft return of the gym weight stack after each repetition on the weights machine so that the noise will not disturb residents in the adjoining apartment.

  • Ensure lights and air-conditioning is turned off when leaving

  • The gym provides free hotspot WiFi.

  • Wear headphones if you wish to listen to music.

  • Keep conversations quiet as the noise will travel.


Read and adhere to the other points in the Gym/Sauna Conditions of Entry/Exit below and follow the placarded instructions on use of the sauna. 


Conditions of Entry/Exit

  • For hygiene reasons, towels are compulsory.

  • Ensure equipment is wiped down (with supplied wipes & bactericidal fluid) after use.

  • Wear appropriate attire at all times.

  • Replace all equipment after use.

  • Turn off equipment, lights and air-conditioning on leaving.

  • Please keep noise to a minimum, no loud music/voices.

  • Please keep noise to a minimum walking to and from the Gym,

  • No persons under the age of 16 allowed in gym/sauna,

  • Strictly permanent residents use only.

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