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Pot Plant Policy

WATERTOWER Pot Plant Policy for:

Privately Owned Pot Plants in Common Areas


 The Owners Corporation will consider applications for privately owned Pot Plants to be kept on Common Property if the following conditions are met and maintained.


The owner or occupier of a lot makes a written application to the Strata Committee requesting permission to keep privately owned pot plants in the common area.  In doing so the owner or occupier agrees to the following conditions:


  • Pot plants cannot be placed:

    • In corridors or stairwells used for fire egress

    • On ledges or sills

    • In the following areas:

      • the quadrangle

      • the foyer

      • the car parks

      • any common area that can be viewed from outside the building


  • Pot plants must be:

    • Watered and maintained by the owner or occupier

    • Kept in good condition and removed if they deteriorate or become unsightly

    • Planted in a pot in keeping with the existing décor

    • The pot must be placed on a tray with a minimum depth of four centimetres

    • The tray must be placed on feet to elevate it and allow air to circulate under the tray


  • The area where the plant is kept must be:

    • Kept free from water overflowing from the pot plant

    • Kept clean

      • swept to remove fallen leaves, any build up of dirt, dust, cobwebs etc surrounding the plant (drains must not be used for disposing of rubbish)

      • the tiles must be kept clean of any water marks that occur from accidental over watering


  • The Owners Corporation will discuss the removal of the pot plant with the owner prior to its removal and allow the owner the opportunity to remove it from the common area first.


  • The Owners Corporation reserves the right to remove any plant, at any time for any reason.



November 2017


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