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Wi-Fi Hot Spot

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(servicing external pool/atrium areas & gym)

An access point is located on the wall at the back of the pool with a good range within and around the pool and atrium areas, particularly places that are in its line of sight.

There is another access point  in the gym.

This Hotspot is provided free of charge by The Watertower, provided you are a resident or a guest of a resident (User) of The Watertower. 

By accessing and using this Hotspot, you agree to have read and accepted these Terms & Conditions without limitation.

Connecting to the Hotspot

WiFi Station Names: POOL_WiFi  / GYM_WiFi

Passwords:               watertower /  

(Note: From time to time and at its discretion, The Watertower may change the Hotspot station name and the password.)


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